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            The company always adhere to the employment strategy of "people-oriented, quantity and talent", vigorously implement the talent strategy, strengthen staff training as needed, adhere to the scientific talent incentive mechanism, combine the individual achievements of employees with the development of enterprises, and provide them with all kinds of talents Development and display of talent platform. The company also focus on creating a positive and progressive corporate culture, people's creativity and initiative to play, to maximize the mining of every employee's innovative spirit.

            Scientific career planning: the company concerned about each employee's career development plan. In view of its own characteristics, combined with the needs of enterprise development, the company through scientific training and fair evaluation, promotion mechanism to help employees develop and implement their own career development plan. Through talent incentive mechanism and a sound assessment system, for all kinds of talent to provide a broad space.

            New employee training: Through systematic training, new employees deepen their understanding of the company and reach a consensus so as to integrate them into the corporate culture of the company as soon as possible. The company carefully arranged for the new staff of scientific and rational and colorful induction training. The newly trained staff not only have a better understanding of the company's development philosophy, corporate culture and work environment, but also have a preliminary understanding of the development of the enterprise and personal development so that the newly recruited staff can quickly integrate into the working condition and adapt to the company's production and development pace .

            Skill Training: Heng Cheng attaches great importance to the personal achievements of employees and business development combined for different employees, the company will be targeted according to the needs of the row of relevant learning and training, all-round, multi-level, wide area of ??skills training to broaden their horizons , Improve the quality of staff and ability to work. At the same time optimize the company's resource allocation for the development of enterprises has provided a powerful impetus for the realization of the established business development goals provide a strong guarantee.

            GMP Training: GMP is the basic guideline for the production and quality management of pharmaceutical enterprises. In order to improve product quality, reduce production costs and improve the management level and market competitiveness of enterprises, GMP requires that all employees carefully study GMP knowledge and attend GMP training, and after the training to conduct a rigorous examination to ensure that every employee in the actual work can be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards of GMP operation.

            EHS Training: The Company established and gradually perfected the QHSE policy and management system, and increased annual investment in safety, environmental protection and occupational health, continuously optimized the process and production environment, reduced the harm and unfavorable factors, and actively carried out cleaner production and enhanced staffing Safety, environment and health awareness, and strive to assume more social responsibilities and obligations.

            Improve the evaluation mechanism: to develop and improve employee assessment mechanism to provide staff with a fair space for development. Through the staff's work attitude, behavior and performance evaluation, comprehensive examination of the overall ability of employees. To provide staff with the appointment, transfer, promotion, etc. to provide a scientific basis.

            Fair room for promotion: In terms of employing companies, the company insists on the mechanism of "being able to win, letting go, and fairy people" and pay more attention to the personal qualities and corporate loyalty of employees. Through job competition, evaluation promotion, job rotation, job exchanges, out of training and other ways to provide staff with job promotion and skills upgrading opportunities.

            Personnel Department email: rsb@hnhczy.cn


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